Greg G.March 23, 3019March 23, 3019Called Marti's to estimate getting my residential sewer line replaced. They quoted a fair price, they communicated to me and answered my concerns as quickly as they could have (thanks, Tiffany) and were fast to schedule. I wouldn't hesitate to call them again.
Steven S.August 3, 2019August 3, 2019These guys did a great job removing galvanized pipes and re-routing the water lines in my 100 year old house. He was responsive via email, phone, and text; accommodating to various requests from me and my wife; and got the work done as planned. Could not be happier with the service. I have them on speed dial now for my future plumbing needs!
Rosemary J.July 4, 2019July 4, 2019I heard dripping in my walls and they came out to take a look. They were very fast to schedule and had a lot of flexibility. When the plumber got here, he took a look at my pipes and found that the issue was dripping inside the pipes and there was nothing wrong. He really took the time to explain how it worked and why I might be hearing the dripping. He wasn't rushed at all and even drew me a diagram. At the end, he didn't even charge me and said it was just an estimate/consultation. I was really impressed with his professionalism and customer service.
Jane Y.May 8, 2019May 8, 2019Using Martin's plumbing again, for a very difficult fix of underground water leak. Ed and Patrick fixed it. Very clean job!
Michael L.April 10, 2019April 10, 2019I would like to thank Tiffany for scheduling a plumber on a busy day, and helping me with my plumbing problem. Also, I would like to thank Mark the plumber who came to my house to fix a minor issue I had with my water heater. Marti's plumbing went above and beyond my expectations. I will use them whenever I have Plumbing issues.
Karen T.April 6, 2019April 6, 2019This review only pertains to customer service and not the actual service. Met Ray at the facility to check a leaking problem. Prior to that, I had already been in contact with a helpful gal on the phone trying to find a time I can be at the church. We checked out the leak and for whatever reason the problem went away. Ray was cool about it and simply said to call on them for anything else in the future. I am impressed by their courtesy and attitude with customers. Will definitely return for actual work.
Therese J. April 2, 2019April 2, 2019Best service! We've used martis twice prior to this third time and they have ALWAYS been extremely helpful and honest! They've always found time to squeeze in service we've needed even though they were fully booked for the day. Absolutely the best company to call for plumbing services!
Jennifer W. February 23, 2019February 23, 2019Messaged and called Marti's around 10am on a Friday morning, and had an amazing tech at my house by 1:45pm. No extra "same day" charge. I highly recommend ERICA. She listened well, was professional, gave me her candid assessment and promptly fixed my elderly mother's water leak (old house, old plumbing). Next time I have a plumbing issue at my Los Altos home, or my mother's, Marti's is getting our business.
Maria G. February 16, 2019February 16, 2019Marti's Plumbing is very helpful and thorough. Ray, one of the plumbers, assisted us with our issues of a clogged kitchen sink and with toilet running/flushing issues. He took the time to make sure the jobs were done properly and thoroughly. If you are looking for a reliable plumbing company, take the "plunge" and contact Marti's Plumbing!
Jill D.January 19, 2019January 19, 2019Erica has been here twice now - both times knowledgeable, professional, efficient and friendly. We will definitely ask for again if we have plumbing needs!
Tammy N. October 31, 2018October 31, 2018Steve answered the phone promptly after hours. They were able to come out the next day. I showed them the leak under the house and they were able to fix it within a couple of hours. I was a bit disappointed that they couldn't identify the pipe diameters by sight. He didn't have the repair materials, but they arrived fairly quickly. The cost was a bit on the high side, but still fair. I'd rather pay a bit more for quality work and quick response.
Aileen J.September 13, 2018September 13, 2018Very professional. Eddie showed up on time, took his shoes off to keep my carpets clean. Gave us a couple of options for the leaking faucets & was ok about staying within our budget. Reasonably priced, good service. Thank you!
R CaspersonAugust 27, 2018August 27, 2018Great company and staff!
Kristina C.August 27, 2018August 27, 2018Great company! Awesome customer service. Definitely recommend.
Trinity M.August 26, 2018August 26, 2018Very professional they came out and replaced my toilet they did a very clean job and were not too expensive.
Trinity M.August 26, 2018August 26, 2018Have to say I was very impressed with this company they came out on time and did the job pretty fast at a reasonable cost very professional 10/10 will use them again
Miguel A.August 26, 2018August 26, 2018They came out last week to replace my water heater they didn’t charge too much I paid for professional clean service and they were also very nice I didn’t feel uncomfortable with them in my house over all great service.
Gabe T.August 26, 2018August 26, 2018We had Michael come out recently and he did a great job. Tiffany in the office was able to squeeze us in same day also! Price was fair, fast and efficient! Will definitely call Marti’s again!
Allison S.August 26, 2018August 26, 2018We had another estimate and I called their office, talked to General Manager and they met the price of the other estimate we received, super easy guy to deal with. Roy and the crew came out next day and completed the work, great job.
San Jose Airport InnAugust 7, 2018August 7, 2018We always request Matthew - very good service.
Kristena M.July 25, 2018July 25, 2018Marti’s is a great company!
Samantha W.July 25, 2018July 25, 2018I would recommend Marti's Plumbing Service to anyone looking for a professional, licensed Plumbing Company. Marti's did a trench-less waste main replacement for us back in the beginning of July. Mathew, Luis, and Javier were timely, polite and professional. Mathew first came and gave us a free Proposal on the same day we called in for the service. We thought the Proposal was a great price (we had about 3 other proposals) so we called back the next day and scheduled. Mathew, Luis, and Javier worked clean and quick. We are completely appreciative of Marti's Plumbing Service quality and professional work. Thank you Marti's!!!
Eugene O.February 7, 2018February 7, 2018Mathew arrived today. I liked his attitude and work. Easily fixed the toilet. Charged a reasonable price. Thanks
Brett O.September 13, 2017September 13, 2017My first time using Marti's Plumbing and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm in the process of preparing a townhouse for sale and have used several contractors for various jobs with mixed reviews. As I approached the final days of prepping the townhouse and handing the keys to my realtor I noticed water coming from under the kitchen sink. I called Marti's Plumbing and they were over to my place in only about 20 minutes. Amazing. Daniel from Marti's was very polite and friendly and after a thorough inspection of the problem he gave me a quick no BS analysis and suggested what I felt to be a cost effective solution. Daniel's no-nonsense approach was refreshing and he took care of the job in a neat and professional manner. In the end he left his work area cleaner than from when he started. Daniel's problem solving and professional approach saved me time and money and handled my plumbing issue like a pro. Thank you Marti's Plumbing!
Patrick C.May 13, 2017May 13, 2017Marty's has now saved us once. The first time when we had a leak in the master bath coming from the base of the toilet. Was a major leak and required removal of the toilet. No BS, fair price and quick work that day. MUCH better than some of the other plumbers we've had out. Second time was from majorly shoddy work from Superior Plumbing. We found out we had a $800 water bill and that there had been a leak where Superior did work. Immediately called San Jose water to have them shut off water to the house from the street (was below main shut off line). Ed from Marti's was here the next day and worked ALL DAY on one of the most difficult jobs I have ever seen. I know, because I was there all day to try and help any way I could. What Superior couldn't do in weeks, Ed did in 1 day. Awesome job, thank you.
Amber G.October 13, 2016October 13, 2016Quick response, great service! We needed our main line snaked. I called first thing in the morning and, not only did they actually answer, but they sent someone right away. Dragon was courteous, professional, and speedy. Next time I need any plumbing services, Marti's will be first on my call list!
David M.October 12, 2016October 12, 2016Rafael came over to replace the temperature control valve on our water heater. He was prompt, efficient, friendly and did a great job. He gave me his personal contact information in case we ran into any problems. I will definitely plan on using these guys again.
Michael L.June 13, 2016June 13, 2016Excellent service. I needed a gas control valve on my water heater. To my surprise, the valve was under warranty. I paid for the labor and I thought that was fair. This shop is great. They do the job right and come to your home on time. I have used Marti's plumbing twice and I will use them again
Connie S.March 25, 2016March 25, 2016Jamin was very professional, courteous, and thorough. I would call him again. Our problem turned out to require a fairly simple fix, but only a pro could have assessed and ruled out all the other potential causes and given us the peace of mind that comes with a job done right.
Jesse R.February 1, 2016February 1, 2016Jamin came out and quickly assessed my needs. I was having issues with extremely low water pressure in my shower and he asked me a few questions and within a few minutes had everything up and running. He showed up in the appointment window, was courteous and called me a couple times on the day of my appointment to get more information and let me know exactly when he'd be here. I highly recommend this service.
April M.November 6, 2015November 6, 2015I've used Marti's a few times now and would use them again every time! Great quality work. Reasonable prices and just all around great service. If you're looking for guaranteed work call Marti's plumbing!
Richard F.November 6, 2015November 6, 2015Had a plumbing issue that required immediate attention (especially considering the current drought, we didn't want to waste any water). Called Marti's plumbing and the service was not only quick and reasonably priced, but the customer service was bar none. Definitely keeping Marti's plumbing in my list of contacts for home repairs!
Steve D.June 3, 2015June 3, 2015Great plumbing outfit. Ritchie and Victor are both talented and skilled.
Amy M.May 3, 2015May 3, 2015Marti's Plumbing -and Gene in particular- are absolutely fantastic! They rescued us right away on a Friday night and Gene was very timely, professional, courteous, tidy (even wore disposable boot covers in our house), got the job done, and the rate seemed fair enough for all of the work done over three visits (old home w/strange pipes!). We were really impressed with the quality of Gene's work, and we'll definitely call him first next time this older house needs some plumbing work. Thank you!
Frank W. April 30, 2015April 30, 2015I have to say that I am incredibly happy with the service that Marti's gave us. They are very professional, provided great value in their work, and did everything with utmost care. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs them in a heartbeat. Our sewer pipe had been taken over by the roots of trees surrounding our home and unlike other businesses, they responded quickly to our call. Bernardo was the guy appointed for the project at our home and he did fabulous work. The day that the city inspector was going to check the work for approval, he was given a timeline between 7am and noon, and was here parked early in the morning so he could complete the project as soon as it was approved. That was amazing to me and highly recommend Marti's Plumbing services.
B.L. November 23, 2014November 23, 2014Dean came by within the hour on a Sunday and took care of my clogged bath sink - he talked me through the steps he took so I learned what and why he was doing the different steps - when he left, he made sure the area was clean - I will definitely call him for more future work
Kunal M.August 29, 2014August 29, 2014Victor from Marti plumbling followed up and visited my house to check the 2 faucet leaks and one cold water issue. Victor was very thorough in reviewing each issue and not only did he fix it he also described the cause in detail which was educational for me as a home owner. He fixed all three issues in the most efficient and economical way. He answered all my questions and left me with an amazing experience. He seemed focused on building trust and relationship so his company can get repeat customers. As Victor successful rebuilt my trust in his company, I'd use Marti plumbing in a heart beat!
Ray S.March 16, 2014March 16, 2014Go with Marti's. They really take care of their customers. A year after I got my tankless water heater installed, I contacted Victor from Marti's plumbing and told him that the hot water fluctuates between hot and cold. Another problem was that since the water heater was installed at a location far away from all the outlets (faucets and showers), it took FOREVER for the water to get hot and we were wasting a TON of water everyday. Victor understood my problem and was very sympathetic. I've told him about the long wait times to get hot water when the unit was installed a year ago. At that time, he recommended a recirculator and I didn't like that idea. This time, Victor offered to install a regular tank water heater for me at no charge. So I went to buy the new water heater and he came to install it for me. This installation took about half the day too. Now I get my hot water quick! I am a happy camper! Thank you Victor and Thank you Marti's Plumbing! This is what I mean when I say that Marti's really takes care of their customers. They are willing to help you even if it means a slight loss for them. They don't just take your money and run like a lot of other plumbers. They wanted to make sure I was satisfied with the hot water situation at my home and they went the extra mile for me (literally because my house is in San Francisco and they come from the South Bay Area). Thank you and I hope this review helps other people realize that its not just the cost of a job that counts, its the way the people doing the job take care of you (even after the job is done).
Jennifer T.December 3, 2013December 3, 2013I have used Marti's Plumbing twice now and they have been wonderful both times! They came out to my home within two hours of my call and fixed the problem right away. They are extremely courteous and professional.
Michele S.November 17, 2013November 17, 2013Dean arrived from Marti's plumbing and was great. Being a Sunday and for same day service we expected a higher charge, but the cost was very reasonable. Marti fixed our nasty toilet clog, which we had tried plunging ourselves for hours, he fixed with his device in about 20 minutes or less. Love Dean and Marti's Plumbing.
Cassy K.October 3, 2013October 3, 2013This was our second time using Marti's Plumbing. We called 2 other plumbers who were "unavailable" to our urgent need for assistance. Our kitchen & bathroom sink were backed up for 16 hours without improvement through 4 bottles of Draino type fluid and boiling water. The woman (Amanda) who answered the phone was prompt, polite and helpful. She approximated help within 2 hours of my call. The tech (Derek) arrived in approximately 1 hour of my call. He assessed the situation and fixed the problem in approximately 1 hour as well. He also was polite, helpful and expedient. I will continue to refer them to others and continue to give them 5 star service review. Thanks for being so awesome! :)
Kevin S.July 8, 2013July 8, 2013I have used Marti's three times now and I have been impressed on all three occasions. The latest call was for a blocked drain, largely due to a poor design of the drainage. But instead of doing the normal up selling he just told us what the problem was and stated if it happens again soon then maybe we should replace the offending connection. So these guys are tidy, competitive and honest. Thanks.
Mike W.February 18, 2013February 18, 2013We've had Victor and his plumbers over several times for a variety of jobs. (Plumbing seemed to be the weak spot in the construction of our home.) They've been reliable, courteous, and have done good work for us. Plumbers are never cheap, but their hourly rate seems about right.
Eva L. December 10, 2012December 10, 2012I had Martis plumbing replaced a water heater. Our heater started leaking on Sunday. We called them thinking that they can call us back on Monday morning, instead we got a call from Victor the owner right away and he told me someone will call on Monday morning. They came on Monday morning, did a good job and gave me a fair price. They clean up everything and was professional. I would recommend Martis to other people.
William R. October 13, 2012October 13, 2012They got the job done, gave me a fair price, were courteous, punctual. Just loved the service! Probably like you're doing, I searched Yelp! from my iPhone. Marti's didn't come up first, but as I scanned down list for good reviews, Marti's was first with a great review rating. I called up, and my appointment was planned very courteously. There were a couple of more brief phone chats to confirm the time and arrival (love that!). Then the plumber came over and took care of all my requested needs. I happened to have 3 sinks that needed various repairs. I'm going to use Marti's in the future anytime I have a plumbing need.
Alicia G. June 29, 2012June 29, 2012I also want to give a big thanks for Marti's plumbing for sponsoring our soccer league Team Argentina the kids will be excited to receive their trophies.
Juri K.March 13, 2012March 13, 2012He responded to my call right away. Victor and his team provided a great service at great price! I needed two clogged drains cleared, and the job site was left clean. We will definitely hire him back again. He cares that the job is done well. I already got a quote from him for another job that I'm going to call him back for. I'm a happy customer. I highly recommend his service.
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