What Doesn’t Belong In The Garbage Disposal?

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Garbage disposals. They’re convenient, effective, and one of the best ways to make kitchen cleanup a breeze. However, they can’t handle everything you throw at them. That’s right, there are several things that you just shouldn’t try to put down your disposal. What doesn’t belong in the garbage disposal, you ask? Well, to answer your question, here’s a list of all the things that we here at Marti’s Plumbing Service recommend you keep far away from your disposal:

  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Ice
  • Bones
  • Nuts, seeds, and fruit pits
  • Rice, pasta, and bread
  • Stringy or fibrous vegetables
  • Grease, fat, and oil

Keep Hard Stuff Like Eggshells, Ice, Bones, And Coffee Grounds Out Of The Disposal

While it’s certainly tempting to throw used coffee grounds, ice, or eggshells down the disposal, never do it. Why not? Well, contrary to popular belief, garbage disposals don’t have blades. They break apart food with grinding gears instead. So, grinding things like ice, coffee grounds, eggshells, and other hard substances is a surefire way to either overwork the motor or clog the drain. Just don’t do it.

Don’t Put Grease, Fat, Or Oil Down In The Garbage Disposal

Have you ever felt the temptation to pour hot grease down the drain after frying up some delicious sausage or bacon? We’ve all been there. However, saving yourself a few minutes isn’t worth the damage grease, fat, and oil can do to your plumbing. While they won’t necessarily harm the disposal itself, they will most certainly find their way into your pipes, solidify, and cause a severe clog. So, just don’t put grease, fat, or oil down the disposal (or any sink in your house for that matter). Instead, just pour leftover cooking fat in an old coffee tin or aluminum can (make sure it cools off a bit first) and then throw the whole thing away once it solidifies or cools to room temperature.

No Pasta, Onion Skins, Or Potato Peels Go In The Disposal

Things like pasta, bread, onion skins, rice, and potato peels all have a high chance of gunking up the gears of your garbage disposal. All the gunk and stuff stuck to the gears causes the motor to work harder, and could even cause it to seize up completely. So, to keep your disposal working its best, just avoid putting those things down it. Saving a few seconds throwing those things in the sink instead of the trash or compost isn’t worth paying a plumber to come out and fix or replace your disposal.

Keep Nuts, Seeds, And Fruit Pits Out Of The Disposal

Like other the other hard things we listed above, you should also avoid putting nuts, seeds, or fruit pits down the disposal. They are just as likely to cause problems with your disposal gears as coffee grounds or animal bones. In fact, sometimes, the damage they cause is even worse! So, just don’t put nuts, seeds, or fruit pits down the drain. It’s not worth the cost it’ll almost inevitably cause.

Stringy Or Fibrous Vegetables, Like Celery, Shouldn’t Go In The Garbage Disposal

Fibrous and stringy vegetables, like celery and asparagus, can wrap around the gears of your disposal, causing severe damage. So, to keep your gears free and clear, just don’t put any stringy or fibrous vegetables in your garbage disposal.

Broke Your Garbage Disposal Anyways? Don’t Fret! Contact Us

Well, now you know what doesn’t belong in the garbage disposal. However, if you broke your disposal–even if you followed this guide–then don’t fret. You can always contact the drain cleaning and garbage disposal repair professionals here at Marti’s Plumbing Service for help. We’re always standing by, and we’d be more than happy to fix your disposal for you. Call today!

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